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Diane Mermigas

Diane Mermigas

Award-Winning Business Journalist and Columnist

Putting my career reporting skills and knowledge to work in new ways: Developing and writing media executive autobiographies, Advising companies on inventive digital strategies, Providing analytical research on what’s next, Teaching students to master the business of digital media.

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Co-author of the book The Wright Stuff: from NBC to Autism Speaks with Bob Wright (Rosetta Book, March 29, 2016).
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The Wright Stuff book cover

The Wright Stuff: From NBC to Autism Speaks

A career of reporting on big media stories and issues, interviewing industry leaders and analyzing trends has come together in The Wright Stuff, a book I have co-authored with Bob Wright.

The former chairman and chief executive officer of NBC Universal and vice chairman of General Electric, which owned NBC for many years, approached me about helping him put together a brief remembrance of his business career for his family and friends. Like other of his media peers–such as Rupert Murdoch, Ted Turner and Chuck Dolan–, I had come to know Bob well after countless interviews and years of reporting about his and other media business developments.

A year into the project, Bob realized he should be delving more into the NBC years. Little had been published about his time at the peacock network outside of periodic trade and business press accounts. He asked me to interview select executives who were part of his efforts.

Diane Mermigras with Bob Wright Photos by CAPEHART

Diane Mermigras with Bob Wright
Photos by CAPEHART

Another year passed, and Bob realized that his work with wife Suzanne founding and developing Autism Speaks as a global advocacy, research and support nonprofit, had become too important a part of their lives to ignore.

As it is published March 29, 2016 by Rosetta Books, The Wright Stuff straddles the corporate and philanthropic worlds in which where Bob created value using common leadership principles. It celebrates the legacy of both Bob and Suzanne Wright and their unique partnership.

The book is available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble

There likely will be other media executive stories to tell just as there is much more to be done in analyzing and mining the emerging digital landscape. I will resume my big picture analysis and commentary on some new platform.

As always, I also look forward to assisting companies develop new business models that use their existing resources, and helping undergraduate and college students understand how best to bring their ideas and energy to the digital marketplace.

On to the next adventure….

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