Rich Greenfield Forbes May 2 2016You can hardly beat a cover story about your fearless prognostications on the digital media future. But veteran analyst Rich Greenfield did one better in a related podcast interview with Forbes correspondent Eric Jackson. Take a listen to the compelling podcast below:

Traditional cable companies are not feeling the economic pain of over-the-top streaming video that the music industry experienced when it finally capitulated to Apple’s iTunes a decade ago. While the cable guys cling to status quo fat program and advertising bundles, innovation emanates largely from new video direct-to-consumer players like Netflix and Facebook. As other mainstream players follow HBO and Showtime down the OTT rabbit hole, the notion of broadcast TV  will completely transform into universal streaming video and, theoretically,  a whole lot more choice for a whole lot less money. It may be ushered in sooner with a new, better-timed Apple TV.


Ep. 7 – Rich Greenfield on Over The Top Winners and Losers by The Eric Jackson Podcast

Eric talks to BTIG analyst Rich Greenfield about who the winners and losers in Over The Top (OTT) services.